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The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is thrilled to bring you this interactive guide to Washington’s truly amazing places. This project has literally been in the works for more than 75 years! Revisiting Washington is an update to the 1941 Washington, A Guide to the Evergreen State, published through the Federal Writers Project American Guide Series. A guide book was published for each state in the Union at the time as a Works Progress Administration effort to put unemployed writers to work. Each book covers state history, geography, and culture and includes photographs, maps, and drawings. Our state’s contribution to is the second longest in the series and presents an in depth description of the state’s heritage and life in the first half of the 20th century.

The Washington Trust undertook this digital project to promote historic preservation and heritage tourism throughout the state by adapting the classic 1941 guidebook to improve accessibility and update new information. While much has changed in the state since the first publication, it may surprise you to discover all that remains through the unparalleled beauty and variety of our state’s natural and historic resources. We hope this project inspires you to explore the countless wonders of our state!

Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

Founded in 1976, the Washington Trust is the only statewide nonprofit dedicated to preserving our state’s heritage. With a mission to help make local preservation work, we strive to build an ethic that preserves Washington’s historic places through advocacy, education, collaboration and stewardship. Over the past forty years, the Washington Trust has sponsored major policy and legislative initiatives; promoted the economic benefits of historic preservation; provided grants around the state to preserve historic structures; and sponsored regular educational programs to increase public awareness of Washington’s historic resources and the need to protect them. While our work reaches every part of our state, the Washington Trust is headquartered in the Stimson-Green Mansion, one of Seattle’s most significant residential landmarks.

To learn more about the Washington Trust, please visit our website. If you enjoy Revisiting Washington, we encourage you to show your support by making a donation or becoming a member today!

Revisiting Washington was created by

Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

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Washington State Historical Society

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Artifacts Consulting Inc.

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