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Take history with you while exploring Washington.

These tours are updated from the original 1941 Washington, A Guide to the Evergreen State, one of the last and largest guide books of the American Guide Series  published by the Federal Writer’s Project. The curated tours blend the rich, flowing narrative style of pre-war documentaries with fresh updates and digital maps to guide you.

Davenport to Ellensburg

Large, well-cultivated farms alternate with stretches of uninhabited range; at widely spaced intervals small towns, ganglia of settlement, are strung along the highway. Travel through large, well-cultivated farms alternating with stretches of uninhabited range and dots of small towns.

Almira to Coulee Dam

Travel through dry wheatlands and occasional patches of scab rock and sagebrush. The route rises slowly with curves and dips, reaching the Columbia River, then descending dizzily by a winding three-mile grade into the canyon carved by the river to one of the wonders of the world, Coulee Dam, a project begun in 1933 and completed in 1941.