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Idaho Line to Collins House

  • Distance: 146 miles
  • Routes: SR 2, SR 195
  • Estimated Driving Time: 2.5 hours

Tour Overview

This route, known locally as the Pend Oreille-Palouse Highway, roughly parallels the Idaho-Washington Line. US 195 cuts across the southwest corner of Pend Oreille County and runs almost due south through Spokane and Whitman Counties, swinging slightly to the east near the end of the route at the Idaho Line. It continues to Lewiston, Idaho, where it forms a junction with US 410.

Idaho Line to Spokane

The northern section of the route winds through sparsely settled foothill country cut by small streams, dotted with lakes, and interspersed with prairies and shallow valleys. A hundred years ago these hills were covered with open forests of lodgepole and ponderosa pine, tamarack, and fir; the prairies were unbroken expanses of bunch grass; and the watercourses ran full and clear.

This leg of the tour has 10 waypoints and 1 side trip tours

Side trips along Idaho Line to Spokane

Mount Spokane

This 40-mile trip takes you up to Mount Spokane, and at the summit, the stone Vista House, a historic warming hut with fantastic views.

Key Waypoints along Spokane to Collins House


The major city of the Inland Empire of Washington, Spokane sits at the falls of the Spokane River 90 miles... Visit


Seat of Whitman County, the town spreads along both sides of the Palouse River. Hemming in the town are rounded... Visit


Home of the Washington State University, and a commercial, grain storage, and shipping center, lies on the eastern edge of... Visit

Side trips along Spokane to Collins House


This 100-mile-route takes you through several small towns featuring distinctive historic buildings, including a bank by famed Eastern Washington architects Cutter and Malmgren, a brick schoolhouse and community center-turned-event venue, and a well-preserved 1886 Queen Anne-style home.

Inland Empire

A 45-mile loop through a variety of towns and featuring interesting structures—including a rare, well-preserved, pioneer-era log cabin, a flour mill, a city hall, and the home of historically notable state politician, Robert Crampton McCroskey—that eventually reconnects with the main...

Steptoe Butte

This 20-mile side trip takes you up a dramatically beautiful granite and basalt hill that affords a vast view of the Palouse.

Saint John

This 88-mile trip features a former prosperous shipping and marketing railroad town, plus several grand barns brimming with local history.


  This 86-mile route guides you through an area of large farms, usually planted to wheat. At widely spaced intervals are farmhouses, flanked by huge barns. Long steep grades, sweeping curves, and stretches of level road mark the route.


This 32-mile trip takes you to two waypoints, one of which is the historically rich town of Palouse, once a farming and trade center with many pioneer-era buildings still a part of the community.


This 44-mile tour follows the Palouse Scenic byway to the town of Almota.

This tour has 2 legs, 31 waypoints, 7 side trips, and covers 146 miles.