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Saint John

This 88-mile trip features a former prosperous shipping and marketing railroad town, plus several grand barns brimming with local history.

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Danish immigrant Nels Eriksen leased property in 1907, and married Bessie Rhoads, the same year. In 1910, they brought the property and built a combination machine shed, shop, hog shelter. In 1911, they built a house and, in 1915, they built a horse barn. Two-thirds of the barn’s main floor had horse stalls and the other one-third comprised of an alleyway that contained the stairwell into the haymow, a box...

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Mile: 18

The town sprawls along the track of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. For a number of years Kamiakin, the Yakima chief who in the fifties took a leading part in the resistance to the white settlers, lived here. In 1861, urged by his homesick wife, he returned to Washington from voluntary exile among the Crow Native Americans. Eventually, Kamiakin was crowded off his farm, and about 1880...

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Mile: 22

The William Cook barn and house were built in 1917. From 1917 until 1930, when tractors replaced the horses, the barn was used entirely as a horse barn and had four milking parlors for dairy cows. In the 1940s, when farmers updated their harvesters from sacks to bulk, an elevator was built inside the barn which had a capacity of about 7,000 bushels. The barn was originally built to store...

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Mile: 29

Named for General John W. Sprague, director of the Northern Pacific Railway. The town is laid out at a 45-degree angle to the highway, as are most of the towns on this route, with the business section comprising a few blocks along First Street. On a gentle slope are a residence district, the high school, and grade school. The residential area still contains some unique turn of the 20th century...

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