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Scenic Byway

Washington State’s scenic and recreational highways seek to make accessible and manage for future generations scenic highways that reflect the depth of our state’s scenic, cultural, and historic landscapes. Washington State was one of the first states in the country to establish a system of scenic highways. These scenic byways also support local economies through heritage tourism and access to regional recreational activities.

Spokane to Collins House

This section of US 195, known as the Inland Empire, or Palouse Highway, traverses one of the most fertile farming areas in the United States. Practically the entire route runs through rolling hills, treeless except for clumps of willow and brush along the creeks and in the swampy lowlands.

San Juan Islands

This tour follows the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway. Follow the historic canoe route of the Coast Salish people aboard Washington State Ferries from Anacortes to the beautiful San Juan Islands. Once there, the Islands are easily accessible by multiple modes—walking, bicycling, transit, automobile, and even by kayak.

Maryhill Junction to Vancouver

Beginning among brown, treeless hillsides, the Lewis and Clark Highway threads downstream along the Columbia River through a deep and spectacular gorge which, laying open a cross section of the otherwise unbroken 2,000-mile Cascade-Sierra mountain chain, separates the states of Washington and Oregon.