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Newport to Canadian Border

  • Distance: 74 miles
  • Routes: SR 20, SR 31
  • Estimated Driving time: 2 hours

Tour Overview

This is a 74-mile tour that, for much of the route, parallels the Clark Fork River, which bisects Pend Oreille County, once one of the most sparsely populated in the state. Swinging in a westerly direction from Newport, the highway climbs for a few miles and then, turning to the north, winds along the west side of the river as far as Metaline Falls. Here it crosses to the east bank and continues northward to the Canadian Line.

The route is marked by a succession of logged-off and forested hills, stump ranches, valley farms, and small mill and mining towns. Ages ago this region was covered by glaciers, which ground their way southward, forcing the river to reverse its direction. When the glaciers retreated, the river resumed the northward course.

Newport to Canadian Border

Tucked into the northeast corner of the state, this tour follows the North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway and the International Selkirk Loop along the Pend Oreille river through the heart of the Colville National Forest. Small communities line the glacially carved valley with multiple side trips to explore sites tucked deep into the surrounding mountains.

This leg of the tour has 1 waypoints and 0 side trip tours

This tour has 1 leg, 1 waypoint, and covers 74 miles.