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Box Canyon

The narrowing channel of the river is visible at the approach to this canyon, the purple-gray portals of which stand out sharply. The canyon is 1,200 feet long, and the rocky walls range from 20 to 100 feet in height. The white water flows with extraordinary rapidity through the narrow gorge. Logs, which are still sent down Box Canyon, whirl in the narrow corridor before they go booming over Metaline Falls. The construction of Box Canyon Dam between 1942 and 1955 eventually tamed the torrent through the gorge.

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Idaho and Washington Northern Railroad Bridge

The two-span riveted deck truss bridge connects Ione and Metaline Falls across the wild and deep Pend Oreille River. Because of the rugged terrain, an unusual cantilevered method of construction was used to build it in 1916. Rather than build from both sides to the middle, this bridge was built from one-side to the other.