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Canadian Border to Maryhill

  • Distance: 325 miles
  • Routes: SR 97, SR 821, Interstate 82, Yakima Valley HWY, SR 97
  • Estimated Driving Time: 6 hours

Tour Overview

US 97, also known as the Cascade International highway, and sometimes referred to as the Okanogan-Cariboo Trail, follows the route over which, before 1847, the fur brigades of the Hudson’s Bay Company carried pelts from Canada to Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River. The year 1858 brought the first of a long series of stampedes by gold-seekers over the Cariboo Trail to rich diggings along the Fraser River and in the Similkameen district. Since then, the trail has borne much traffic, and the proposed highway to Alaska destines it to bear more.

The days of the fur brigades and the gold rushes are now at an end, and the country has settled down to the long task of developing the resources ignored by the early trappers and miners. The region is an extremely varied one: rugged badlands are set beside level plains, sawtoothed ridges rear above gently rolling foot-hills, riotous mountain streams tumble into smooth lakes, rivers cut their way across drab deserts; mantles of timber spread over many hills, while others are bare and rocky. As for the settlers who peopled this region, they represent today both the old and the new West. Pioneer living and modern enterprise may often be found side by side, taking each other’s measure.

Key Waypoints along Canadian Border to Swauk Creek


The Customhouse at the International Line, is the central building of an attractive group surrounded by artfully landscaped grounds. The... Visit


Cut by the curve of the Okanogan River, is the largest town in the north-central part of the State. The... Visit


The center of government in Okanogan County since 1915, it is also headquarters for the Chelan National Forest. Though less... Visit


The name is a modification of Tsill-anne, the Native American name for the lake, meaning deep water. The town is... Visit

Swauk Creek

This is another important placer-mining community, at a point where the highway gradually emerges from the shade of the ravine... Visit

Side trips along Canadian Border to Swauk Creek


Take this 44 mile side trip out to a historic orchard and a small mining settlement.


The 25 mile loop extends out through narrow mountain valleys below Chopaka Mountain and reconnects with the main tour.

Wannacut Lake

  This 10 mile side trip extends out to an early mining community and namesake lake.

Aeneas Valley

This 60 side trip travels out through the ranch land of the high Aeneas Valley.

Coulee Corridor

This 171 mile side trip follows the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway through central Washington and connects with some of the state’s best bird watching areas.

Omak Lake

This 18 mile side trip extends out to the alkaline Omak Lake.


This 36 mile side trip travels out to the remains of what was once the wildest, toughest mining camp in the State.

Fort Okanogan

  This 10 mile side trip has connects to the park and interpretive center for Old Fort Okanogan.


This 20 mile side trip extends out to a community that developed as a landing point for boats along the Columbia River.

Methow Valley

This 66 mile side trip passes through farmland and orchards as it winds through the scenic Methow River Valley.

Chelan Falls

This 8 mile side trip descends into the stark Chelan River Gorge to reach the small settlement of Chelan Falls.

Entiat Valley

This 22 mile side trip climbs up the narrow Entiat Valley walled in by steep mountains broken by narrow gorges.

Old Blewett Pass

This 11-mile route runs across the original pass and reconnects with the tour. A twisting climb takes you to the pass, reaching 4,071 feet, where you can look out over the Yakima Valley.

Swauk Creek to Maryhill

This tour follows the Yakima River through both narrow, rugged and expansive agricultural valleys as the river shaped the area’s development patterns. The tour climbs the Horse Heaven hills between the Yakima River Valley and the Columbia River Gorge.

This leg of the tour has 25 waypoints and 5 side trip tours

Key Waypoints along Swauk Creek to Maryhill

Swauk Creek

This is another important placer-mining community, at a point where the highway gradually emerges from the shade of the ravine... Visit


On the Yakima River at the geographic center of the great Yakima Valley, the town owes its growth to the... Visit


For many years it was the headquarters of Yakama Indian Reservation. The surrounding area is extremely fertile. In 1885, the... Visit


The seat of Klickitat County. Brick buildings, new and ancient, front on the well-paved main street. Loggers, farmers, mill-men in... Visit

Maryhill State Park

Maryhill State Park features a 99-acre camping area with 4,700 feet of shoreline along the Columbia River. The State obtained... Visit

Side trips along Swauk Creek to Maryhill


  This 16 mile side trip travels out to the historic Thorp Grist Mill.

Saint Josephs Mission

This 24-mile trip takes you through the Ahtanum Valley to Saint Joseph’s Mission along Bachelor Creek at the head of the valley.

Fort Simcoe

This 60 side trip winds out through farm land and the Yakama Nation to Fort Simcoe.

Stonehenge Maryhill Loops

This 10 mile side trip loops out to the remarkable historic roadway and memorial.

This tour has 2 legs, 61 waypoints, 5 side trips, and covers 325 miles.