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The tour follows the banks of the winding Wenatchee River, above which rise foothills dotted with clumps of pines. Orchards claim every available foot of valley land. Dryden, a fruit-packing and shipping center, was named by the Great Northern Railroad in honor of a noted Canadian horticulturist.

In 1907, it was named by Great Northern Railway officials, for an eminent Canadian horticulturist who accompanied James Hill on a tour through the area. The place is noted for its fine fruit crops.

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Johnson Barn

Homesteader Andrew P. Johnson retained 10 of an original 160-acre-grant from 1886. The barn was constructed by neighbors and related men of heavy rough pine boards and beams from local cleared land. Construction was gratis or an exchange of labor. Johnson was Dryden’s first settler and retained ties with Ellensburg, the Kittitas County seat in a “dry” county. This barn was in the Johnson family from 1886–1991.