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Idaho Line to Seattle

  • Distance: 347 miles
  • Routes: SR 2, Interstate 90, SR 97, SR 970
  • Estimated Driving time: 6 hours

Tour Overview

This tour is one of the most varied, as it crosses the state, east to west, and so you’ll find agricultural, mining, and railroad history, dramatic rock and river formations, and significant buildings, bridges and technological advancements, including the Coulee Dam, which changed landscapes and whole towns, bringing water to previously arid areas.

The portion between Seattle and Central Washington follows the Mountains to Sound Greenway Scenic Byway. This scenic byway is a connected landscape of natural lands and vibrant communities along Interstate 90 between Seattle and Central Washington. The Greenway preserves a sustainable balance between urban and natural lands, and conserves a shared heritage of working farms and forests, parks, wilderness areas, wildlife habitat, history and recreational and educational opportunities.

Key Waypoints along Teanaway to Seattle


The largest city of the Pacific Northwest, it lies along Elliott Bay, on the east shore of Puget Sound, 128... Visit

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This tour has 2 legs, 2 waypoints, and covers 347 miles.