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This 16-mile trip takes you through mining country, including the town of Roslyn, which has a national register historic district and where the TV show Northern Exposure was filmed.

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Initially developed in 1886 by the Northern Pacific Coal Company as a mining camp and company town to exploit the area’s rich coal deposits, Roslyn grew rapidly into an ethnically diverse community representing more than 20 nationalities. It was named for Alexander Ronald, a Scot, who was superintendent of mines. The company store, built in 1889, supplied most of the food, clothing, furniture and hardware needs of the coal miners...

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The Northwestern Improvement Company Mine

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Castle Rock

Mile: 6

A mining camp on the site of the old Number Three slope of the Roslyn field, which furnished coal for trains crossing the Cascades when it was owned by the Northern Pacific. It was named for Alexander Ronald, a Scot, who was superintendent of mines and was taken over later by the Northwestern Improvement Company. At the corner of Third and Atlantic Streets is the old Ronald School, an impressive,...

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Mile: 7

Completed in 1933; the water storage capacity created by the 140-foot dam is 450,000 acre feet. Here, according to Indian legend, was the habitat of Wishpoosh, an enormous beaver who roamed over the earth destroying lesser creatures. At that time, only the animal people inhabited the earth. Speelyia, the Coyote-god, challenged Wishpoosh to combat, and during the struggle that followed, Wishpoosh tore out the banks of the Keechelus, sending most...

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