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West Monitor Bridge

In 1907, the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company constructed a two-span steel pin connected Pratt truss over the Wenatchee River. This 320-foot structure consists of two 140 foot steel trusses, and two 20-foot timber trestle approach spans. Each truss is composed of seven 20 foot panels, and rests on two pairs of riveted steel cylinder piers which are filled with concrete, and are braced by two eyebars with turnbuckles. During the early twentieth century, these riveted steel piers were a common, economical means of supporting a bridge. The standardization and widespread use of these concrete-filled cylinders is reflected in J.A.L. Waddell’s book, Bridge Engineering, where there is a diagram and description of piers identical to the West Monitor Bridge piers. The bridge supports a timber deck which is 16 feet wide, curb to curb.