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Originally one of the larger truck farming communities in the region, Opportunity is now lined with one- to two-story commercial buildings (ca. 1910s and 1920s). Most notable is Opportunity Hall, home of the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum.

This inspirational town name was selected to attract investment, when the it was platted. For many years the Washington State Patrol had a radio program entitled “This Could Be You,” With the stretch of road between Spokane and Opportunity often used as a venue for this program.

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Opportunity Township Hall

In 1895, the state legislature established provisions for township organization. Spokane County townships began to organize on March 2, 1909 and Township Hall was constructed in 1912. Designed by C. Harvey Smith in a Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival style, Opportunity Township Hall served many functions as the seat of Opportunity’s township government, but also as a rental hall for community activities. As Spokane Valley continued to grow after its apple-producing heydey, the Township Hall continued to function as the seat of township government in Opportunity and as a local community center.