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This 36 mile side trip travels out to the remains of what was once the wildest, toughest mining camp in the State.

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Once the most thriving mining town in the State of Washington. It had a population of several hundred in a beautiful mountain setup with one long street. For about six years it was the wildest, toughest mining camp of which there were many at the time in North Central Washington. The town still exists as a ghost of its former self. Vandals, fire, weather, and neglect have reduced it to...

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A cluster of old buildings in a mountain cup. The town came into existence in 1886 with a rush of prospectors to the rich Salmon Creek district. Arriving in the spring, the gold-seekers pitched tents; with the coming of colder weather, cabins replaced canvas; timber operations supplemented, and eventually supplanted, mining as the town's main industry. In 1888 Conconully became the county seat. In 1893 it suffered a disastrous fire;...

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Points of Interest
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Tiffany Mountain

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Conconully Reservoir Dam

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Conconully Lake State Park