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Methow Valley

This 66 mile side trip passes through farmland and orchards as it winds through the scenic Methow River Valley.

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The valley conforms to the windings and twistings of the river from which it takes its name. The valley is extremely narrow, but wherever the hills draw back to form more gentle slopes, or leave level meadows beside the stream, there are orchards, houses, cultivated fields, and grazing animals. Along the road, or above or below it, runs the valley's lifeline, the main irrigation ditch. Without the water it brings...

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Mile: 4

The name is one version of a Native American tribal designation, Smeetheowe, and is said to mean sun. Explorer and fur trader David Thompson used this designation in 1811. The town’s one short street bordered by twin rows of lofty shade trees. A sign noting the “Bolinger Homestead 1892” hangs on an aging wood-frame building on the west side of the road. Although converted to a garage, local lore suggests...

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Mile: 11

  The town long focused on logging and sawmilling. It was platted as Gloversville on July 30, 1897 by H. C. Glover on whose homestead it was located. On June 29, 1899, the town was re-platted by Amanda B. Burger as Twisp. The name is a modification of the Native American word T-wapsp, the meaning of which is not known. In Twisp the Twisp River, fresh from the Cascades, joins...

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Mile: 202