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Leavenworth to Everett

  • Distance: 107 miles
  • Routes: SR 2
  • Estimated Driving Time: 2.5 hours

Tour Overview

Ascending the watershed of the Wenatchee River toward the summits of the Cascade Range, the highway passes through portions of the Wenatchee and Snoqualmie national forests, where recreational areas may be reached by numerous side roads and trails. Downward from the summit, the route lies between mile-high peaks along the valley of the Tye, Skykomish, and Snohomish Rivers, streams that are never placid and, during floodtime, are torrential. West of the mountains are dairy lands, with large herds of grazing milch cows and groups of trim farmhouses, large red barns, and silos. Near the highway, the Snohomish flows sluggishly towards Puget Sound. The soil and the humid atmosphere of the valley favor intensive farming and dairying; often three crops of garden produce are raised in one year on this alluvial bottom land.

The tour follows the Great Northern Railway’s Iron Goat Trail, and the thundering Skykomish and Wenatchee Rivers. Visitors can hike, ski, white water kayak, enjoy views of glaciated mountain spires, or sample the hospitality of rustic byway communities along this scenic byway.

Key Waypoints along Leavenworth to Everett


Where Tumwater Canyon opens from Tumwater Mountain and Icicle Ridge into river flats, the broadening valley is flanked by sand... Visit


County seat of Snohomish County, lumbering center, seaport, and distributing point for a fertile agricultural and dairying area, the city... Visit

Side trips along Leavenworth to Everett


Cross the Wenatchee river to explore the numerous fruit-packing plants, warehouses, and main street of Peshastin set amidst the apple orchards in the Wenatchee Valley.

Icicle Creek

Follow Icicle Creek past a fish hatchery and a former CCC camp converted to a resort, ending up in the Wenatchee National Forest at several camp grounds and hiking trails.

Lake Wenatchee

Take this 20-mile trip to Lake Wenatchee in the Wenatchee National Forest. Drive up Nason Creek valley between Nason Ridge (west) and Natapoc Ridge (east).

Site of Wellington

Take this three-mile round-trip thorough this historic site. Once the site of a Great Northern Railway station, in 1910 it was swept away by one of the greatest avalanches in U.S. history, sweeping trains filled with passengers off their tracks.

Foss River Bridge

Drive out to Foss River Bridge, a two-mile round trip from the main road, where you’ll see the only intact pony truss in Washington, erected in the 1950s. From here there’s an option to continue up along the gravel road...


A quaint little town, shadowed by jagged peaks on the North Fork of the Skykomish River. Wooden sidewalks and paintless frame buildings once lined the short main street; it was a brisk mining center. A few historic sites, along with...

This tour has 1 leg, 23 waypoints, 6 side trips, and covers 107 miles.