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Renton to Mount Rainier National Park

  • Distance: 51 miles
  • Routes: SR 169, SR 165
  • Estimated Driving time: 90 minutes

Tour Overview

This tour runs southeast from Renton through Maple Valley and Black Diamond to Enumclaw, then drops south until it approaches Mount Rainier National Park. The road crosses many rivers and gorges, often picturesque, and terminates within sight of the peaks of the Cascades. The major interest of the route, however, is the old mining country it traverses. Once the richest coal area of the state, these sections of King and Pierce counties are today spotted with small towns. Many of the small communities along this route offer visitors plenty to see and do. Their atmosphere is laid back and the valley offers beautiful scenery year round.

This tour has 1 leg, 1 waypoint, and covers 51 miles.