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Carbon River Entrance to Mount Rainier

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At one time a flourishing mining and lumbering town, is marked by an abandoned depot. A few houses scattered under large trees are occupied; but across the river the deserted structures built by the Eatonville Lumber Company during an earlier logging boom are mournful reminders of feverishly active days. Near the depot and mine bunkers are an old school and a rambling structure which once housed a large lumber mill....

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Marked by a building on the bottom of the canyon floor on the brink of the river. The building and the small rustic structures of the ranger station are dwarfed by huge trees. Directly north are the grizzled sides of Burnt Mountain and Carbon Ridge, where the spired peak of Old Baldy Mountain rises 5,790 feet. Once a great fire burned over the slopes of these mountains, leaving only a...

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Upper Fairfax Historic District