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This is a somewhat lengthier side trip, at 62 miles—you’ll climb up the steep grade to level out on the high plateau, driving through through Anaton to Field Springs State Park and ending at Grande Ronde River Bridge.

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The town was established by Charles Isecke and Daniel McIvor in June of 1878. Anatone is a Nez Perce name for Tenmile Creek, to the east. Two stories state that the name comes from that of a Nez Perce Indian woman in the area. Some say Anatone was her name; others that it was Tony Ann, reversed by Charles Isecke to produce Anatone. Once the range of horses and cattle,...

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Mile: 17

The large evergreens, grassy open spaces, low summer temperature, and excellent spring water of this 100-acre park made it a favorite refuge from the summer heat of the Snake River Valley. Old settlers still clung to the original name, Puffer Springs. The park today is 253 acres, still featuring excellent springs and public camping grounds. It was named for an old cattleman named Fields who used the springs to water...

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Mile: 14

The river cuts its tumultuous course through a winding canyon eastward to the Snake. The region is wild and beautiful with its rugged mountains and rocky draws, its broad peaceful valleys and forests abounding in elk and deer, and its sparkling streams filled with salmon and trout. This was the home of the Nez Perce Indians, whose last great chief, Hallshallakeen (Eagle Wing), or Chief Joseph as he was called...

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Grande Ronde River Bridge

Mile: 4