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This 52-mile trip features lakes and Skagit Valley communities that began as farming and sawmill towns, including Clearlake, Montborne, McMurray, Bryant, and the biggest, Arlington.

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Formerly an important sawmill town on the west side of Clear Lake and south of Sedro-Woolley, it faded when the Clear Lake Lumber Company mill burned in May of 1918. Although the loss did not prevent the replacement of the mill it eventually was closed when the local timber was cut. The name is reasonably descriptive, now that it is no longer used for extensive storage of saw logs. An...

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Mile: 53

East of Mount Vernon in southwestern Skagit County, this lake was once shown on territorial survey maps as Delacy’s Lake. W. W. Delacy was an official of the Territory of Washington around the time of the Indian War of 1855–56. Territorial Surveyor General James Tilton chose to name a number of lakes in Western Washington for his military associates. Most of these names did not become permanent.

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Mile: 47