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Chuckanut Drive

This 24 mile side trip covers marine aquaculture along Samish Bay, agriculture in the north portion of the Skagit Valley, runs along the west edge of the Chuckanut Mountains that supplied sandstone for buildings in Bellingham and Fairhaven.

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By at least 1930, a spur track for the Northern Pacific Railroad ran down the alley between North State Street and Railroad Avenue, servicing warehouse loading docks on Railroad and commercial buildings fronting North State Street. As a result of these rail links, development along Railroad Avenue was predominantly machinery shops, repair shops, grocery warehouses, agricultural supply companies, and other types of manufacturing and commercial enterprises. Most of the historic...

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The Fairhaven Historic District is a well-preserved example a commercial core of a historic community. Settled as early at 1953 and first platted in 1883, the townsite changed changed in 1888 and was promoted by the Fairhaven Land Company as the anticipated terminus of the transcontinental railroad. The town was incorporated in 1890. The period of significance dates from the speculative boom of 1889-1890 to the period of the First...

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Actually more of a suburban estate, the farm was named for the town of Woodstock, Vermont by its builder, Fairhaven capitalist, park creator and civic leader, Cyrus Lester Gates. Gates managed the “Larrabee Companies” and the personal interests of the C.X. Larrabee family between 1890 and 1927. Gates lead in the creation of Larrabee State Park, Arroyo Park, Fairhaven Park and construction of the scenic, mountain segments of Chuckanut Drive...

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Mile: 18

The highway winds gradually upward along a shelf cut in the rocky face of Chuckanut Mountain. Far below the cobalt-blue reaches of Chuckanut Bay shimmer in the sun, or matching the grey of stormy skies, surge in a dizzy race of whitecaps toward the shore. It was named Puerto del Socorro by Lieut. Juan Francisco de Eliza in 1791. On December 1, 1852, the present name was chosen by Capt....

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Mile: 16

A community northwest of Burlington on the Samish River. It was named for a pioneer sheriff, George Washington Lafayette Allen, who also founded the town of Atlanta on Samish Island. The town is a major agricultural processing site for the areas farms, including the Knutzen Farms, Sakuma Brothers Farm, and the Wallace Farms.

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Mile: 3