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This 16 mile side trip extends out to Cosmopolis, one of the first sawmill centers established in the area.

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It was once an important sawmill town, but when the largest sawmill closed, the town became a quiet, residential community. It has been revived by the building of a modern sawmill and a wood pulp plant. The name was given in pioneer days by a Frenchman named Brunn. Local legend says the name came from an Indian headman who lived nearby. August V. Kautz visited the place in the 1850s...

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Cooney Mansion

Mile: 81

A small settlement represented on the highway by a store and service station. The story of its naming may serve as a lesson to scrawly writers and hasty readers. Its founder named the settlement for his wife, Arta, but, when application for a post office reached Washington, the carelessly written final “a” was read as “ic.” Hence Artic became the name of the town, and Arta, the wife, was not...

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Mile: 75