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Also known as: Collins Fieldhouse The Collins Playfield and its nearby Fieldhouse used to be a place where Seattle kids from different communities would come to play. Developed in 1907 (with the Fieldhouse run from 1913-1971), the entire play area took up three acres across Washington and Main Streets and 14th and 16th Avenues. Picture the sights and sounds that once filled the area. The lower level was dedicated to...

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Behind the double doors lies a wealth of history. Home to the oldest judo dojo in the United States, established in the early 1900s. Located in Japantown hotel basements until it moved here in 1934. Visited by Professor Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, in 1936 and 1938. Host to judo tournaments, first in 1903 and then from 1907 to 1941, held at the Nippon Kan (see waypoint #17). Forced...

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The Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple is in the Shingon-shu (Shingon Sect) of Japanese Buddhism and traces its origins to the lineage founder, Kobo Dashi, who brought esoteric Buddhism to Japan from China in the 9th century CE. Moon Meditation classes are offered in its meditation dojo. Monthly Goma Fire Rituals take place here at the temple. Shugen meditation walks extend the experience to various trails around Washington.

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