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Lake Cushman

This 9 mile side trip travels up into the mountains abutting Hood Canal to Lake Cushman, created as part of the City of Tacoma’s hydroelectric power development.

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Winding grade through cutover land, where small fir, hemlock, and alder nearly obscure the stumps of the magnificent trees that covered these slopes less than 50 years ago. Logging is still carried on farther west in the foothills of the Olympics. Heavy trucks, their trailers loaded with sections of immense trees, have replaced the oxen, which once snaked the logs from the woods; roaring around the curves of the road,...

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Mile: 3

A man-made lake some ten miles in length, furnishes a controlled and dependable supply of water for the Tacoma hydroelectric plant. Early in the 1920s the citizens of Tacoma, led by Homer T. Bone and other champions of public ownership of power, took the legal steps necessary as a preliminary to the construction of this municipally owned project. Two dams, 275 and 240 feet in height respectively, were built across...

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Cushman Hydroelectric Project

Mile: 5