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This 15-mile trip takes you to a portion of the historic transcontinental highway the Yellowstone Trail and Mabton, a small railroad town.

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This is a three-mile section of the Yellowstone Trail, which from 1915 until the 1930s, was the northernmost of four early transcontinental highways in the country that included famed Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway. The Yellowstone Trail was also the route of the first Transcontinental Automobile Race in 1969. By 1917, the trail extended from coast to coast. The segment consists of cement slab construction measuring 18 feet wide...

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A town on eastern boundary of the Yakima Indian Reservation southeast of Yakima. The town was named by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1885 when a station was established. The word is a combination which uses the first half of the given name of Mabel Baker Anderson daughter of Dr. Dorsey S. Baker who built the famous rawhide railroad between Walla Walla and Wallula.

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