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Medical Lake


The 18 mile side trip zigzags through a bunch-grass and farming area, occasionally spotted with clumps of bull pine out to Silver and Medical lakes.

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The town was founded in 1879 by Col. G. H. Morgan, who started a store. On September 1, 1858, it was the site of an important battle with Native Americans when Col. George Wright's troops defeated an allied Native American force in the Battle of Four Lakes. It was named by W. F. Bassett, a pioneer of 1871, for the group of four lakes, Meadow, Granite, Willow, and Silver.

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Mile: 16

The lake once offered excellent bass, perch, and crappie fishing. A scheme to use the water for irrigation, promoted by former Governor M. E. Hay and others, resulted in the draining away of half the lake, until the granite rocks that lined the bottom were left high and dry and the cattails and tules at the north end of the lake had marched forward half a mile. Today, the level...

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The town sprawls north and south along the shore of a mile-long lake bearing the same name. Scattered along the main street were once a few stores, garages, a post office, beer parlors, and an undertaking establishment. Once the town was a lively trading and summer resort center. Interurban electric trains carried crowds of people from Spokane to the two dance halls, the salt waters of the lake, and the...

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Eastern Washington State Hospital

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State Custodial School

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Hallett House