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This 16-mile side trip drives out through farming communities to explore the agricultural heritage of the area.

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A farming community southeast of Puyallup. Orson M. Annis had a farm on which a grove of alder trees grew. It was near Alderton that the Naches Pass trail turned eastward to climb Elhi Hill before continuing up the White River Valley. The post office was established at Alderton on April 12, 1878 and was closed on October 9, 1964. Orson M. Annis was born in Ellery, New York, on...

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Points of Interest
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Alderton School

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Spooner Farms

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Cavelti Farm

Mile: 4

Native American for “prairie in the town”, this sleepy-looking but prosperous village, supported by the farming and dairying activities of the valley, is built, like an early fort, around a large square. Col. S. A. Black, superintendent of Pacific division of the Northern Pacific Railway, chose the name. A prior name was Gunson's Prairie. A post office was established as Carbon on November 16, 1877 and the town renamed Orting...

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Points of Interest
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Washington State Soldiers’ Home

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Woolrey-Koehler Hop Kiln

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Harman Barn

Mile: 10