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This 160 mile side trip follows Sherman Pass Scenic Byway. The side trip connects with Tour 7. The round trip to Republic is 2 hours.

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Hidden in the center of an extensive mining and diversified farming district. Originally established at the Wauconda Mine, it was later moved to a location near the head of Toroda Creek. Named for the mine, the Native American term means "master of life." Some informants state that the natives believed that a being of that name dwelt in nearby mountains, which they greatly revered. Old Wauconda is two and a...

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Mile: 285

Once the most important town in the county it was called Republic Camp and hidden in the folds of the Okanogan Highlands and the Kettle River Range. After a gold strike on Eureka Creek, Republic was established by a group of miners as The Mining District of Eureka, and platted by Philip Creasor. At about the same time, another strike was made on nearby Granite Creek. Postal authorities refused the...

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Fairweather – Trevitt House

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Creaser Hotel

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Slagle House

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Delaware Hotel

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Stonerose Interpretive Center and Eocene Fossil Site

Mile: 302