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Travel 50 miles through the Snake River Canyon and Buffalo Eddy Nez Perce National Historic Park.

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Named after Buffalo Rock, which projects from the scarred cliffs of the eastern canyon wall. On the Washington side are pictographs on the low rocks near the river’s side. Most of the drawings represent men, with huge, square shoulders, short legs, and horned headdresses; others resemble mountain goats, deer, and elk. According to an explanation advanced by the Smithsonian Institution, these pictographs were made by the Basket Maker Indians some...

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South of Buffalo Rock, the road continues along the winding course of the Snake River through rugged and picturesque terrain. Time-scarred peaks, sometimes 2,000 feet in height, rise above the tortuous course of the stream. In some places the canyon walls are said to be as steep as those of the Grand Canyon of Colorado. Fantastically contoured rocks present a variety of rich colorings under varying conditions of light and...

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At the junction of the Snake River and the Grande Ronde, the town is set among rocky bluffs of remarkable grandeur and beauty. Here Captain Benjamin Bonneville and his men camped after enjoying a generous reception in the Native American village at the mouth of the Joseph Creek. Bonneville’s notes about the valley inspired Washington Irving’s description of the country. Rogersburg was born of mining booms and nourished during its...

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Limekiln Rapids

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