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A cluster of shops and houses around a dock from which a small ferry runs. The Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry provides passenger-only service between Annapolis and Bremerton and between Port Orchard and Bremerton. Originally called Mitchell's Point, this community was named for Annapolis, Maryland, when local residents, John and Elizabeth Mitchell and E.H. and Ada Whitworth platted the town before the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard was established nearby. The streets...

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Retsil and the Washington Veterans’ Home, established in 1910 on a thirty-one acre bluff overlooking Puget Sound. The plant consists of a modern hospital, a large auditorium, a number of frame and stucco-finished dormitories, and several cottages. Weeping willows, dark green holly trees, red-trunked madronas, and dogwood trees frame a superb view of Sinclair Inlet and the jagged Olympics beyond. In this institution about 500 veterans live with their families....

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It was named for Delos Waterman who homesteaded land there in 1904. The post office operated from 1904 to 1935. The Waterman Farm (heritage barn) resides adjacent the town. Stories persist that the home and barn were owned by a family who owned a butcher shop in Bremerton. Numerous meat packing hooks, meat processing implements, and a small meat locker (removed) were found on the property. Also on site is...

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This park consists of slightly more than one hundred eleven acres with fifty camp sites and forty picnic sites east of Port Orchard on Clam Bay in Puget Sound. It has 3,400 feet of beach front property. This military establishment near the entrance to Port Orchard was named June 12, 1903, for Colonel George H. Ward who was wounded in the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War and subsequently...

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