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White Salmon

This 50-mile trip brings you through a former ranching and farming town, hydroelectric plant, falls, a bridge and a lake around which a town was built.

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Located in step-like formation on a hillside; like Bingen, it is in the center of a former ranching and farming district. The town is sheltered from the east wind that sweeps down the gorge by Burdoin Mountain. Jewett Creek emerges from a canyon at the base of the mountain and flows through a small valley. While the terrain of the townsite is rocky, there is fertile alluvial soil in adjacent...

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Mile: 2

Built on the White Salmon River, this complex is a medium head facility including a concrete gravity dam with ogee-shaped spillway, an extensive water conveyance system with wood stave pipe, and a concrete powerhouse with Francis turbines. It was designed and built in 1913 to provide power to a single customer—the Crown Columbia Paper Mill in Camas. It was named for its designer, engineer B. C. Condit of San Francisco.

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Mile: 5