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Aeneas Valley

Named after Chief Aeneas (Native American pronunciation of the French word Ignace), onetime Government guide, who, it is said, lived to be more than 100 years old. In Aeneas Valley are many persons of Austrian descent.

Occasional dairy ranches and alfalfa fields break the timbered wilderness. Slender-trunked lodgepole pines stand close together, merging their dark-green upper branches. The lodgepole pine was so named because it was commonly used by the Native Americans in building their lodge and tepee frames. The small trees form dense thickets on burned-over areas. The phenomenal re-seeding power of this tree in the wake of forest fires is due to the fact that the closed cones can endure extreme heat, which would kill the tree itself. The uniform size of the lodgepole pine has made it especially adaptable for use as telegraph poles, railroad ties, and mine timbers.