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Brush Prairie

Named by Elmorine Bowman for a very brushy prairie and swamp on her father’s homestead. The area is home to several farms and heritage barns.

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Heye H. and Eva Meyer Farmstead

Known as “Pleasant Acres”, the farmstead is an intact farm complex including a house (altered 1925), barn, pumphouse, workshop, garage, and smokehouse all dating from the mid 1910’s through the 1920’s. A newer storage shed was built in 1935. The complex sits on three remaining acres of a farm that was once 52 acres. Heye and Eva were both active in community affairs. Heye was the longest-serving public utilities commissioner in the state at his death. He was founder of the Clark Public Utilities District. Eva was a teacher for many years and served on the board of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library.

Hajo and Johanna Folkert Farm

The fourth generation of the Folkert family owns and manages the farm, which retains its original 55 acres, purchased in 1905. The hay barn dates from 1910 and was constructed of timbers felled and milled on site. The farm house was built in 1932.

Birrer Farm

This farm has been in the same family since 1879. The barn was built in 1953 and supported vegetable growing.

Glenwood School

Built as a one-room schoolhouse in 1890, it was expanded to two rooms in 1913. The northern wing is the original school. The newer southern wing was placed perpendicular to the original. The Zimmerman family donated the land on which it was built. It ceased regular school service in 1950. The school was the center of a closely-knit community that banded together to support each other during hard times. The Kosobayashi’s, a Japanese American family in the area, provided crates of fresh vegetables to the school every day during the Depression. The family was sent to Tule Lake during the Japanese internment in World War II. While the community tried to support them, the Kosobayashi’s lost their farm and never returned.