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The company, which owned the town, paved the streets, installed a sewerage and drainage system, and on occasion repainted the houses, which were rented at an average of $14 monthly. At one time 300 were employed in the mines; the town maintained soccer and baseball teams, and there were several fraternal organizations and societies. A large community hall, a store, a school building, and long rows of chocolate-painted picket fences with houses behind them, constitute the present settlement.

Downhill from First Street is the old Carbonado mine, which once kept the town busy. When the company closed the mine, it removed the pumps, and five miles of collieries were so heavily flooded as to make their reclamation impossible.

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Carbonado School Gymnasium

The Gymnasium is the last civic structure built by the company that once owned the town, and the only significant historic building remaining of a public-school campus built in 1929. The big brick building was remodeled in 1954 and expanded in 1978. It is reminiscent of collegiate fieldhouses with pedimented pavilions and a colossal arch. It was the last big project undertaken by the company before the mine closed in 1937.