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Des Moines

The name was given by F. A. Blasher when he founded the town in 1887. He persuaded friends in his former home city, Des Moines, Iowa, to finance the some of the developments and operated under the name of Des Moines Improvement Company.

The city faces a long sweep of crescent beach, its shores lined with summer homes, and suburban residences. By the 1940s, poultry raising, dairying, and berry cultivation were the leading industries.

Today Des Moines offers six miles of shoreline that includes public beaches, waterfront parks, a 900-slip marina, fine dining and a popular boardwalk. The city is also home to Highline Community College and a future satellite campus for Central Washington University.

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Covenant Beach Bible Camp

The Covenant Beach Bible Camp epitomizes the summer camps that once spotted the Puget Sound region. As places of gathering, camps like Covenant Beach Bible Camp solidified religious and ethnic groups across the county by providing young people with recreation and adventure within the context of a sponsoring ethnic, social and/or religious organization. The Boy Scouts of America, the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), the Sons of Norway and the Catholic Archdiocese all established camps like Covenant Beach Bible Camp to provide young people, living primarily in the cities, with a wilderness experience and a summer get away. The North Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America purchased the site in 1931 and operated it as a church camp until 1986. Today, the Covenant Beach Bible Camp (commonly known as Des Moines Beach Park) is an eighteen acre, City-owned park that lies along the eastern shore of Puget Sound.