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A railway point north of the Yakima River, southeast of Yakima. It was named by the Northern Pacific Railway for George Donald, across whose property a local right-of-way was secured according to the Railroad List. Mr. Donald was also in the railroad business, having once served as president of a local short line railroad and was prominently known in business circles as a bank president, rancher and railroad and ditch builder and was a significant contributor to the development of Yakima and central Washington.

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Donald-Wapato Bridge

Constructed in 1948, the concrete box girder Donald-Wapato Bridge replaced an earlier timber bridge. It was one of the first multiple-cell concrete box girder bridges constructed in Washington State, designed by noted engineer, Homer M. Hadley.

Herke Hop Kiln

The Herke Hop Kiln near Donald was built around 1915, and used for hops grown on the Herke ranch in Parker Bottom. This kiln was probably owned and built for Frank Herke who had bought the land in 1911 from his brothers John A. and Joseph. The kiln and land stayed in the Herke family until 1955. The Herke Hop Kiln was moved in 1978 to be saved from demolition for Interstate 82 being built at that time.