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A thriving town on the Nooksack River. The surrounding countryside, once featured largely dairy farms and pasture lands, that supplied the raw milk for a condensery and powdered-milk plant in the town. Several parks dedicated to the early settlers and their pioneer style of living surround the community. Ferndale also has spectacular, long-distance views of Mount Baker from its Main Street.

Ferndale is close to many nearby attractions including Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, numerous lakes, and the Nooksack River.

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Nooksack River

Nooksack River is a slow-flowing, turgid stream in summer, a debris-laden torrent when swollen by a heavy downpour or rapidly melting snow. Suburban homes, charming in a setting of shrubbery, lawns, and flower beds, give way to dairy farms and pasture lands. This river rises in three forks which unite near Deming and flows from the west and south slopes of Mount Baker to Bellingham Bay near Marietta through west central Whatcom County. It originally emptied into Lummi Bay, but was diverted into Bellingham Bay by immense log jams. The river has a one hundred foot waterfall north of the summit of Mount Baker.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park has one of the largest collections of authentic log structures in the state.

Hovander Homestead Park

Hovander Homestead Park includes an early 1900s farmhouse and barn, as well as a one-mile stretch of river beach. The Tenant Lake Natural History Interpretive Center is a riverside farm with a half-mile system of trails and boardwalks as well as a bird-watching tower.