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Gaffney’s Lake Wilderness Lodge

Architects Young and Richardson (later Young, Richardson, Carleton and Detlie) designed this award-winning lodge, built in 1950. It is considered an excellent example of the Pacific Northwest regional architecture that evolved after World War II. It was awarded a prestigious National Honor Award by the American Institute of Architects in 1952—a first for a Pacific Northwest firm. It is designed in two sections of white stucco and hand-split cedar shingles and a large canopy covers the main entry. Dudley Carter carved the Thunderbird center pole. Kain and Tom Gaffney purchased the site in 1926, and the site became a favorite location for local dances and young people. The King County Parks Department purchased the lodge in 1964 and leased it for several years to the University of Washington as a conference center. It is now run as a recreation center.