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Golding Hop Farm

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Hops have been a vital commercial crop for Washington for most of its history as a state. While western Washington dominated the early production of hops, the Yakima Valley soon came to the forefront. Presently, Yakima-grown hops comprise nearly 80 percent of the total domestic hops production.

The abundance of jobs on Yakima hop and sugar beet farms played a large role in drawing Latinos from the Rocky Mountain States, along with relatively less racial discrimination and segregation. Golding Hop Farms Corporation was one of several commercial agriculture operations to recruit migrant laborers. Other such operations included Stokley Van Camps Canning Corporation, California Packing Corporation (Del Monte), Yakima Chief Hop Farms, and Emil Sicks Brewing Corporation. These corporations farmed hundreds of acres and maintained their own private labor camps housing numerous families. The private labor camps such as the one at Golding Hop Farms typically featured company-operated stores, community centers, and a supervisory camp manager to oversee the camp population. These private labor camps contrasted with the federal camps, such as Crewport (near Granger).

Built prior to 1930, the Golding Hop Farm is private property but some buildings are visible from the public roads around it. Located southwest of Toppenish, south of Larue Road. Processing facilities are arranged toward the front (north) end of the site with residential buildings to the south. The multi-family residences are oriented north-south with roof eaves over each entrance. Smaller buildings between the residences are showers and restrooms. The site also had a company store and a jail. As of 2016, the farm is still under active use and the residences continue to serve as private company housing.


1956 aerial view of the Golding Hop Farm, showing large hop kilns (barns) and rows of worker housing

Source: US Geological Survey

2016 view of the Golding Hop Farm. The long building is one of many for worker housing. Recreation space, foreground.

Image by Artifacts Consulting, Inc.