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Grand Mound

A scattered community of frame buildings, a combined store and post office, and a service station. It was named for a hillock nearby, which, highest of the curious mounds in this section, rises from the prairie to a height of 125 feet, and resembles a tree-covered butte.

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State Training School for Girls

State Training School for Girls, located on an attractively landscaped 70-acre tract. Offenders were required to remain until they reach the age of 21, unless they previously earn their release through credits gained under an honor system. Elementary and high school courses, with instruction in home economics and office practice, are combined with garden work about the grounds. The long, low administration building, surrounded by gardens and landscaped grounds, faces the highway.

Jamestown Granary

This tiny survivor of the Samuel and Anna Marie James homestead is now the James Family Museum in Rochester. Built in 1884 its cedar planking was cut at the Ben Armstrong mill – the first mill in Grays Harbor County. It was dedicated as a museum in 1960 and moved from its original site in 1974.