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Founded in 1902, this town was also named by Walter N. Granger, of the Sunnyside Canal Company. Situated in a flat valley, the town is the center of a dairying and livestock area. Three or four crops of alfalfa are shipped from here annually. Granger achieved notoriety in 1936, when an enterprising justice of the peace announced a price of only 39 cents for performing weddings. The justice, who lived in a junction gas station, still maintained the reduced marriage rate as of 1941. The justice has since retired.

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Yakima Valley Academy

The Yakima Valley Academy, on the southern edge of town, a boarding school maintained by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is housed in a three-story brick building.

Hislop Sheep Pens

The former Hislop Sheep Pens, once arranged in a compact, intricate, but orderly arrangement, were surrounded by a sweeping circle of towering haystacks, topped by roofs but open at the sides. Here lambs purchased in the spring were housed and fed until the following spring, when the sheep were ready to be clipped for wool and sold for mutton.