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James D. and Rachel Holman once had a Donation Land Claim in the area and in 1873 subdivided their ocean property and promoted it as a summer resort. When the railroad to Ilwaco was completed in 1889 Holman became a station along the rail line.

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Schulderman House

The Peter Schulderman House is a well preserved Victorian cottage characterized by a picturesque roofline, projecting bays, a broad veranda, and an octagonal corner turret. The two story frame house is located on a small lot in the ocean front community of Seaview, about one-half block west of the beach. The house is bordered by large bushes and rests on a lawn with tall fir trees and shrubs; a deteriorated carriage house sits in the southwest corner of the lot. A wooden picket fence, with two entry gates, encircles the property. Since its construction as a summer home in the 1890s, the house has retained nearly complete interior and exterior integrity.