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Icicle Creek

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort is nestled at the foot of the Stuart Range in the Cascade foothills. From 1934 to 1942, the site was known as Camp Icicle, home to the 983rd Company of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC constructed barracks and buildings designed to house 200 young men. Many of the corps barracks and other buildings, much altered, were used in the construction of the present mountain resort. The 983rd’s accomplishments include construction of the ski lodge in Leavenworth and the original lodge at Steven’s Pass, as well as 22 local buildings, 20 bridges and placement of more than 1,000 signs and markers. In 1946, the CCC cabins were redeveloped into a private dude ranch, Icicle River Ranch. The property was then sold in 1957 to the Yakima Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church and the CCC cabins were again renovated for the development of a youth camp. The Diocese discontinued operation of the summer camp in 1982 and began operating the site year-round as the Camp Field Retreat and Conference Center. The property was put up for sale in 1991, and Harriet Overton Bullitt, longtime owner of the adjoining property, purchased the 67 acres. She made plans to redevelop the old buildings into an environmentally friendly conference facility and mountain retreat, naming it Sleeping Lady after the mountain profile above the narrow valley. All of the buildings were remodeled to meet or exceed current building and energy codes, and the new buildings were constructed to blend with the original style. In 1993, the business was incorporated as Sleeping Lady, Inc. and in 1994 new construction brought the total number of buildings to 44.