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Moses Lake

On the eastern shore of Moses Lake, is an agricultural trading center that has grown in importance in recent years. An Army Air Base established here during World War II is actively continued as a vital link in western American defense.

The town is thriving due to local prosperity based on many thousands of acres of irrigated land. It was named for the lake, which was named for Chief Moses, a warrior and diplomat. His tribe camped on the shores of the lake for many generations. An earlier name was Neppel.

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Moses Lake

Moses Lake is an irregular body of water, with many channels directly north of Potholes Reservoir in southeast Grant County. It is shallow, with a maximum depth of 30 ft., average width between a quarter and a half mile. A former name was Salt Lake. This shallow lake is an important link in the Columbia project, with the O’Sullivan Dam and the Potholes Reservoir nearby. For years, artesian wells and water from the lake have supplied orchards and truck farms.