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The name is reported to have been chosen by J. P. Britzius for a town in Fayette County, Texas. No town of that name is listed in Texas but there are geographic features in Presidio and Nueces Counties named Oso. A previous name was Allen, for John B. Allen, a territorial delegate to Congress. It was changed to Oso because of possible confusion with the town of Allyn in Mason County. Oso is Spanish in origin and means bear.

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Oso Elementary School

Built in 1915, the school building accommodated well over a hundred students and four teachers. The building served as a school as well as a civic and cultural center for the immediate community and the nearby rural area.

Whitehorse Trail

In 1901, the Northern Pacific Railroad finished laying down nearly 30 miles of track out to Darrington, and that same year the first train arrived ready to haul freshly mined ore back to Arlington and eventually Everett. In 1991, the railroad – today known as the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) – formally abandoned the route and in 1994 work began to remove the tracks. After about two decades of work, about 6 miles of the 27-mile trail are officially open to the public.