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Peace Arch State Park

The Peace Arch State Park (formerly Samuel Hill Memorial Park), a wooded seven-acre tract planted with many kinds of shrubs and flowers, was named for Samuel Hill, good-roads enthusiast, and commemorates Canadian-American peace and good will.

Peace Arch State Park continues to host annual celebrations and events, including many summer festivals like the International Sculpture Festival in May and Hands Across the Border in June.

The Peace Arch (1921) was the second monument Samuel Hill, businessman and philanthropist, built in Washington. The park surrounding the monument was named after its financier, Sam Hill, who is probably better known for his philanthropy in Klickitat County. The first monument he built, Stonehenge (1918), was a tribute to World War I veterans. Hill also established the Maryhill Museum of Art, to which he left one of his many estates, Maryhill Castle, after his death in 1931.

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Peace Arch

Across the crest of the concrete arch arch, on the Canadian side are the words: “Brothers Dwelling Together in Unity”; on the Washington side, “Children of a Common Mother.” Several annual celebrations are held here: International Easter Services; International Flag Day on July 2; and International Armistice Day on November 11.