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A roadside stopping place composed of a store and a few scattered houses. The town was named for its first settler, a German sailor who planted an orchard and garden to supply the soldiers at Cascades in 1851. Many persons of Polish origin remained after construction of the Union Pacific Railroad in the 1870s to form a community of small farms. Older residents conversed in Polish. Robert Prindle, son of the founder, was postmaster here in 1941.

It was named by the St. Paul & Spokane Railway for the first settler, Ernest Hinsdale Prindle. The first name, Cruzatt, was give by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1806 for one of the party, Peter Cruzatte. A post office was established August 26, 1909 in Mr. Prindle’s store and continued until December 31, 1938.

Only a handful of houses remain today in this disappearing community. The 1912 schoolhouse (indicated by a sign visible from the roadway), and possibly used as combination school/post office, has been purchased by a private developer and is being remodeled.