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Ruby Beach

A store, service station, and cabin camp are perched on cliffs above the rumbling surf. Here and there a break in the trees affords a glimpse of white foam flying against the rocky embankment. A trail leads down the bluff 300 yards to the beach. Here huge rocks stand like stone pillars against the sea. Drifting logs and broken trees are ground to bits in the surge of breakers.

Offshore, on either side of the river channel, are two huge rocks, subjects of an Indian legend. It is said that before human beings came into the world the Great Changer asked Raven and Crow, two animal people, if they would like to have human people come on earth. “No,” they said, “human people would make so much smoke we could not see.” Thereupon the Great Changer told them a race of human beings would come anyway, and asked what animals they would like to be turned into in order to meet the new conditions. “Then we would not like to be any animals at all,” they answered: “neither bear, elk, or deer; let us be turned into rocks.” So there they stand today, the north and south rocks at the mouth of the river.