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Salvadorean Bakery

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The Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant is a local favorite for authentic desserts and more from Central America. This family business was founded in 1996 by two sisters who emigrated to Seattle from El Salvador. Besides serving traditional Salvadorean food and bread, there is also a small store which offers products from El Salvador, Mexico, and other countries of Central and South America. Through their business, the owners continue their cultural heritage and share with everyone who walks through the door. Delighting on the colorful creations in the bakery counter windows, children get a chance to experience their family traditions, while visitors are transported to Central America through the smells and flavors of this long-standing White Center restaurant.

Originally, the building which now houses the bakery and restaurant was constructed in 1947 as a print shop for the local newspaper, the White Center News. It later became a store and then a commercial laundry by 1969.


2018 image of the Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant

2018 image of the Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant

1948 image of the building when it was a local newspaper

source King County Assessor