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A ghost town from the 1890s on the Stillaguamish River east of Hartford in central Snohomish County. The place was named on August 26, 1891 at the suggestion by James W. Hall because of silver-bearing ore he discovered in 1890. There was a post office in the community from 1892 to 1945.

First known as Trout’s Marsh Homestead, Big Four Mountain lured the industrious Rucker brothers to cash in on the exquisite scenery and construct an elaborate 50-room, three-story hotel in 1920. Tennis courts, a nine-hole golf course, and an artificial lake completed the grand scene for thousands of guests who arrived by railroad every summer. Today, only the chimney and sidewalks remain of the Inn, which burned to the ground in September 1949. However, the meadow, beaver ponds, and picnic area still attract thousands of visitors who wish to enjoy the history and outstanding scenery that tempted the Rucker brothers many years ago.